How a Real Estate Company Works


Buying and selling real estate is complicated, but you don’t have to do it alone. The best real estate companies help their clients find the right property and navigate the process, from listing a home to signing on the dotted line. They also provide support with the back-end technical details and legal assistance that often come with a sale.

While many of the most successful real estate agents work independently, you can also join a team to help you scale your business and achieve the career goals you desire. Team members can provide support and expertise, and they can even share commissions to help you get started in the industry. However, a successful real estate company requires the right balance of business planning, service marketing, and lead generation to ensure you’re always ready to meet your client’s needs. Read more


A real estate company can be either a property management group or a brokerage firm. A property management group buys commercial properties and turns them into apartments or townhomes. Then, they manage the properties to generate revenue. A brokerage firm hires real estate agents to sell homes and follow the company’s branding. Depending on their brokerage, they can make a flat fee for each sale or split the commission with the brokerage firm.


While a few old, established firms with storied histories remain among the top real estate companies in NYC, newcomers like Compass have leveraged technology to disrupt the market. Regardless of your preference, you should interview agents thoroughly before making a decision.

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